Maiju Tainio

Things that inspire me:

 distortion, shapeshift, claim, hunger, rhythm, silence, fear, light, limbs, skin, voyage, breath, poker-face, melting, womanhood, joy, struggle, feathers, childhood, spell, high pressure, radio waves, naked eyes, howling, moss, cycle, shame, hunch.

I am:

 a writer, a thinker, a doer, a mover, a constructor, a designer, a puppet's servant and mistress, 
a cook, a mother, a treasurer, a dreamer, a player, a practitioner.

Things I like:

Lemons, smell of baby's skin, dark blue, cherries, tai chi, bicycling in a city at night, Corto Maltese, piles of books, feral gardens, crags, reading in bed, swimming, puppet animations, sesame oil, ice cold sparkling wine, whittling, Volvo Amazon, post cards, September, street art, hammock, paper lanterns, narrow streets, lotus flowers, back massage, early morning, third applause, jackdaws, Bosphorus, walking on ice, kaleidoscope, summer soup, making lists.