Granny is a choreographic performance for an old lady. It is a touching commentary of ageing in which the subject is handled with warmth and humour.

An old woman hopes that the day will bring something new to her quiet life in the old people's home. She often escapes the loneliness into her memories. The every day tasks cause great difficulties and tragicomic struggles for her. It is the room, the chair and the electric bulb that keep bothering her. What to do when the cane falls down or when the filament of a light bulb blows? She uses a large amount of energy and imagination for moving -always, until it is the time to say the farewell.

The duration of the performance is 25 minutes.

Direction: David Girondin Moab, Compagnie Pseudonymo, France

Puppet construction and performance: Outi Sippola

J.-L.L., 14 November 2007:

"The realism is staggering"
"A masterpiece"
"A strange solo ballet"
"A brilliant puppeteer"


"One of the festival's finest and the most sincere production"

Ilkka Valpasvuo:

"A heart breaking story"
"The grandmother seems very authentic"
"There were surely several people in the audience who considered helping the poor granny" to 3.8.2006, 14:30.