Wake up Puppetland, here comes Salminen!

Wake up Puppetland, here comes Salminen! (Herätys Nukkemaa, täältä tulee Salminen!) is a show about being a refugee and surviving in a foreign place. The show is an innovative communal theatre show, where both locals (Finnish) and immigrants encounter their prejudices. The show tells the story of Salminen, the most ordinary Finnish man, who had to leave his homeland and seek for refuge in Puppetland. In the new country Salminen has to overcome the harsh immigration byrocracy, the ignorance of local puppet citizens, but also his own old patterns of thought. Can his cultural difference become a social richness?

Team: Ishmael Falke, Jussi Salminen

Photos: Jaakko Lilja

The show was performed in the refugee centers across Finland as well as at many cultural events and festivals during 2009.

Extract from a review in Turun Sanomat:

This theatrical fairy tale teases the artificial concept of nationality”

Jukka Kittilä

Extract from a review in Kymen Sanomat:

Salminen encounters in Puppetland the same prejudices and rejection as his refugee colleagues when arriving in Finland. At the same time a kind push is given to the Finnish immigration politics.

Eija Anttila