PROMETHEUS is a halfway melted detective story that leads us into the twilight zone between truth and the cover story.

The show is based on the antique Greek myth of Prometheus, the rebellious half-god who stole the fire from the Olympus and gave it to humans. Prometheus was harshly punished for his did, but fire lives with us to this day. The ancient myth is turned inside out with the new interpretation, which gives the old criminal hero a perfect alibi. What happens when the world's most ancient crime is reflected to the modern popular crime tabloids scene? PROMETHEUS wishes to expose the often forgotten human complexity behind crimes: there is no good or bad, there are just people. And gods.

Expressive means of puppetry and fire art are combined to make this visual and musical show. PROMETHEUS presents many different techniques of puppet manipulation and performance in different scales. Its half transparent stage elements and enigmatic light design works as a visual riddle, challenging the audience to take a closer look on the elusive borders between puppets and puppeteers, live fire and dead material.

The Team:

Direction: Ishmael Falke
Script: Ishmael Falke and the group
Composing: Henri Kivistö
Puppets and props: Elina Putkinen, Maiju Tainio, Ishmael Falke and Johanna Latvala
Stage design and construction: Johanna Latvala
Performers: Elina Putkinen, Maiju Tainio and Ishmael Falke
Light design: Antti Helminen

Duration of the show is 50 minutes, and it suits spectators in all ages.

PROMETHEUS had its premier on Friday, 15th of December 2006 in TEHDAS theatre, Turku, Finland. The performance exists also as a shorter version of 20 minutes, which had it´s premiere in Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku, in 2009.

Photos taken by Antti Suniala.