Sixfingers Theatre is an experimental puppet theatre. The group was founded in the puppet theatre department of Turku Arts Academy in 2005 and became professional puppetry group in May that year. Sixfingers began touring internationally immediately and by June 2006 the group got an important international recognition, when it won both main prices “The best performance of the year” and “The most interesting debut” in international puppetry competition for professional groups in Wroclaw, Poland, with its hand theater show Golemanual.

Sixfingers Theatre maintains an experimental approach towards puppetry. In almost all of the groups productions, some traditional techniques are used but always a new element is introduced into the work, whether in methods of script writing and directing, in puppet construction, scenery design or performing. Sixfingers Theatre explores the boundaries of puppet theatre also by combining puppetry with other forms of art. Some examples for the groups multidisciplinary approach are the productions of Prometheus (combining puppetry and fire art), Oidipus Schmoidipus (performance art and object theatre) or Rain Behind the Face (Butoh dance, object and mask theater). The creative process is often devised and for each new show the group searches for the unique theatrical expression that will suit the chosen story or theme.

Sixfingers has been producing many different theatrical experiences for different target groups. Besides the more common theatre audience that comes to venues to watch the shows, Sixfingers has brought puppet theatre also to such groups that normally were left unattended. An example for this kind of activity is the production “Wake up Puppetland” - a physical puppet show meant for refugees and performed in almost all refugee centers in Finland. Another example is performing for museum and conference audiences (Prometheus). Besides performing, Sixfingers Theatre has been teaching puppetry and contributing materials to professional publishing and exhibitions.

Important part of the theatre activity consists of international connections and Co-operation projects. Outside Finland, the group has performed in Sweden, Poland, Russia, Germany, Italy and Spain. Members of the group have been working in co-operation also in Benin, France (Steffano Perocco di Meduna), Israel (Clipa Theater), Russia (Dmitry Krymov) and Brazil (Teatro Paraladosanjos), as well as in Finland with foreign directors (Rene Baker, Carlo Boso, Dmitry Krymov, Andrij Zoldak).

In Finland, Sixfingers Theatre has been working in co-operation with other theatres as well as with bigger scale organizations such as the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the city of Turku and Turku University of applied sciences. Sixfingers theatre has its base in Turku, and since 2009 the group has its own working and rehearsing space, in collaboration with Puppet Studio association. In 2006 an association was founded to support the theatre's productional work.

In 2011, Sixfingers theatre steps into its so far biggest production: Mikropatia! -the worlds first micro theatre festival, which offers micro-scale shows for many different audiences in both theatres and open public spaces, all along the year 2011.

"Sixfingers offers puppetry´s magical moments all over the world"

(Turun Sanomat, 3.8.2006)

"Sixfingers Theatre develops the forms of visual theatre"

(Turun Sanomat, 9.12.2006)