Glove puppets are the puppets of wild action. Rhythm, fastness and precision are the appealing qualities of these mischievous puppets. The course includes a construction of a simple glove puppet and several exercises for hands and fingers that will help you to learn how to manipulate a glove puppet.

Target group:10 onwards

Max size of the group: 16

Duration depends on needs and possibilities of the group, 4-12 hours.

Space: An open space. No special technical needs.


By using the most simple tools, such as objects, plain materials and our body, we seek to find the living character in the dead material, we get familiar with the unwritten laws of puppet manipulation, we examine the relationship between puppet and its puppeteer and learn about the special approach of puppet theatre dramaturgy for telling a story.

Target group: 10 y. and up.

Group size: max. 25.

Duration: 6-20 hours, depending on needs and possibilities of the group.

No theatre space needed. We need 1-4 tables, depending on the size of the group.


In this workshop the theatre is all reserved for our hands. How can this part of our body maintain the dramatic tension needed for performing characters on stage?
To answer this question we go on an exploring journey on which we will use only our bare hands to construct puppets, to build scenery, to tell a story. We will also learn the technique of black theatre as an important tool with hands and examine the relationship between hand and materials or objects.

Target group: 8 y. and up.

Group size: max. 30.

Duration: 6 hours / shortened version 4 hours.

Space: we rather have a black box theatre space, but we can also use black cloth to prepare a backgroud.


This is a hand theatre workshops for children and parents. Using hand theatre exercises, singing and playing we make an imaginary journey to Africa, where we spend one day with African children on the countryside, their tasks and adventures. The exercises are simple but they trigger everyone, small as big, to use imagination and find out the vast capacity of expression in our hands.

Target group: 2 y. and up, also grown ups.

Group size: max. 50.

Duration: 30 min. - 1 hour, depends on group needs and possibilities.

Space: No theatre space needed.


Shadow theatre is one of the oldest forms of theatre in the world. The workshop introduces the magical way of storytelling using shadows. We will learn to design and build different shadow puppet, using various materials and techniques of manipulation. We will learn about the history and dramaturgy of shadow theatre, as well as the set design which is unique for this art.

Target group: 8 y. and up.

Group size: max. 20.

Duration: 6 hours.

Space: Whatever indoor space which can be darkened. The participants will need cutters, pliers, scissors and pens.


Open eyes for the environment…What kind of stories might tell us things usually considered as junk? In this workshop deserted items and materials find a new life and enter the stage! We create surprising characters out of rubbish and bring them to life. Variety of exercises leads us enjoyably to basics of object theatre and puppet manipulation

Target group: 5 y. and up, also for grown-ups

Group size: max. 15

Duration: 6 hours / shortened version 4 hours.

No theatre space needed. We need 1-4 tables, depending on the size of the group, simple audio-equipment.

Workshop for making of Theater Mask: Leather- and “Carton-paté” -techniques

Director: Elina Putkinen, theater mask maker and director of theater expression

Duration: from 1 to 2 weeks, as the customer wishes

Size of Group: maximum 25 persons

Space required: classroom or workshop similar to ateljee space with sanding machine and bandsaw, spade should had chairs and table that has on top of it a few centimetre thick, disconnected plywood plate, fitting size with the table.